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Bio - Frank van Haalen

Starting in the seventies with the analog Canon AE-1 and followed by the Canon EOS 100 in the nineties, it was with the digital Nikon D100 in 2002 however that my kind of photography started to become possible.

The  subsequent challenges of digitally processing raw footage into artistically unique images made the art of photography even more fascinating. 

Nowadays carefully balancing my true passion for the random chaos of the sea and the strict order of architecture, I enjoy shooting most things blue, but preferably in black & white ...

I specialize in long exposure, high dynamic range, monochromatic Fine Art Photography.

Leica is my preferred hardware. Adobe CC is my preferred software. The challenge is to melt the two into unique works of art. 

Portfolio, Assignments & Workshops:

- Long exposure, high dynamic range, monochromatic Fine Art Photography 


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Honorable mention at the IPA (International Photography Awards)